Abstract Submission and
Conference Format

The meeting will have a slightly different format from normal!

1. Five overview talks of current research in the UK will be given (see below for information as a contribution from everyone would help the speakers to give an accurate overview!). 

2. We invite people at early stages of their research projects (and particularly PhD students) to present posters and to give a 5 minute presentation on the first afternoon of the meeting.

3. We also invite people at more advanced stages of their research to submit abstracts for standard 12-15 minute talks on their work.

Overview Talks
A representative speaker for each sub-discipline has been invited to give an overview talk of approx. 15 minutes, on the research going on in that field throughout the UK.
These representatives are:
Archaeomagnetism - Mimi Hill, Geophysics, Liverpool University
Environmental Magnetism - Jan Bloemendal, Geography, Liverpool University
Geomagnetism - Nicola Pressling, Earth Sciences, Plymouth University
Palaeomagnetism - Conall MacNiocaill, Earth Sciences, Oxford University
Rock magnetism - David Krása, Geosciences, Edinburgh University

In order that everyone can have their research included in the overview talks, we ask each research group to send one or two powerpoint slides about their research to the appropriate representative.

To give the overview speakers a chance to get the talks together, please send your information to them by 10 December.

Posters and standard talks
Please submit your abstracts online by 15 December, 2007.  If presenting a poster, please do not forget to bring material for a 5 minute oral presentation.

Many Thanks, the organisers!