Fieldwork in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Fieldwork took place in July 2007 and was carried out by Jenny Tait and Gijs Straathof as part of Gijs' PhD project. This fieldwork was in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Valentin KANDA NKULA, Director General of the Centre de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (CRGM) and part-time Lecturer at the Université de Kinshasa (UNIKIN) with field assistance of Emmanuel Cibambula from the Faculté des Sciences, Université de Kinshasa.

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The aim of the fieldwork was to sample Neoproterozoic sediments in the Bas-Congo province for palaeomagnetism, geochronology and provenance studies. The whole sequence consists of passive margin platform carbonates alternated with siliciclastic rocks, all gently dipping towards the east and showing no sign of metamorphism. Of specific interest were the two diamictite formations and an associated volcanic episode which are present in this area.

a picture of the upper diamictite formation

the overlying dolomitised carbonates of the Schisto-Calcaire formation

waveripples in the molasse Mpioka formation

palaeomagnetic sampling